Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow)

22nd and 24th July, 1st and 4th August


Musical director – Konstantinos Diminakis

Artistic director – Bernadette Grimmett

Artistic co-director – Guido Martin-Brandis


The Merry Widow

Created in 1905 by Franz LEHÁR, The Merry Widow is an Austrian operetta in three acts. The story begins at a party at the Pontevedro embassy hotel in Paris in honour of the prince’s birthday. The operetta tells the story of the widow Hanna Glawari, who is intended to become the wife of Count Danilo Danilowitsch, who was not able to marry Hanna a few years earlier when she was not yet a member of the nobility. Meanwhile, at the party, Camille de Rosillon confesses his love for Valencienne, the wife of Baron Mirko Zeta, and she does not seem happy about it. The day after the party, Hanna Glawari confesses at her own reception that she is in love with Camille de Rosillon. This story talks about the changes in official and romantic relationships through the lives of the characters.


Soloists to include:

Hanna Glawari –
Stephanie Edwards

stephanie edwards

Njegus –
Inti Conde

inti conde

Danilo –
Dominic Bevan

Baron Zeta –
Henry Grant Kerswell

henry grant kerswell

Valencienne –
Danae Eleni

danae eleni

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