Our unique formula

We believe that we have a formula which is unique in France. Our performances start relatively early in the evening – at 18 or 19 hours – and there is an interval of 90 minutes for picnics or dinner.

The long interval permits a conviviality which is absent from outings to opera houses in cities, where at the end of an evening everyone wants to get home without delay.

At Opéra de Baugé you can be stimulated by the first part of the opera, then enjoy a dinner or picnic in the company of your friends. Then you return to the opera to enjoy the second part.

There is a wide choice of things to do in the interval. You can order a dinner with service in our restaurant, or a picnic panier delivered to Les Capucins by an excellent local supplier and distributed at the start of the interval, or you can bring your own meal with you.


Or you can enjoy a light meal at our salon de thé, perhaps with a glass of crémant or still wine from our bar.

If you want to picnic, whether you order paniers from us or bring your own food, you can rent chairs and tables so that you are spared the inconvenience of having to carry your own from the car to the park:.

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