The bartered bride (Smetana)

As catchy as Offenbach, as romantic as L’elisir d’amore, this is the story of a marriage arranged before the bride and groom were born, an interfering marriage broker, and an interloper who is not all he seems. All ends happily in a riot of national dance and circus acts.

Konstantinos Diminakis – musical director

Danae Eleni – Mařenka

danae eleni

Olivier Trommenschlager – ringmaster

Karlene Moreno Hayworth – Esmeralda

karlene hayworth

Wuchul Eun – Micha

Bernadette – artistic director

bernadette grimmett photo

Gareth Dafydd Morris – Jenik

Nicolas Bercet – Kecal

Alexander Pidgen – Vašek

alexander pidgen

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