orphee aux enfers 2018

Orphée aux enfers 2018

Reservations are open.

Tickets etc. can be ordered as follows:

  • Online – click on the “Online reservation” button shown on each page of the site.
  • By post – using the form downloaded from this site, see below.
  • From the Office of Tourisme in Baugé.

We have listened to criticisms from last year of the seating in our temporary theatre at Les Capucins. We have not been able to change the type of seats (coques) which are almost universal for events in France. What we have done though is firstly, to obtain a guarantee from our supplier that the seats will be new or almost, with the softer-backed older ones being eliminated and secondly, that the seats in the top price category will be spaced further apart, with three seats for every four in last year’s layout, and furnished with covers for more comfort.

This means reducing the capacity of the theatre and raising the seat prices for the Mozart and Verdi operas. The increase is modest, however, and we have not raised our prices since 2015.

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