Information on picnics and dinners on opera nights

  • Both the Jardin de l’Hôtel-Dieu and the park of Les Capucins will be available for picnics.
  • There will be animation at Capucins during the interval.
  • Picnics will be distributed at CCRA but packed in boxes with handles so easy to carry.
  • There is plenty of parking beside the Jardin de l’Hôtel-Dieu as well as at Les Capucins (on the spot where the theatre has normally been placed).
  • Some minibuses will be available to transport people to and from Les Capucins.
  • The interval will be extended to 105 minutes to allow time for travel between the two places.
  • The restaurant will be at Les Capucins.
  • There will be a bar at the CCRA.
  • There will be a tea room and bar at Capucins before the show and during the interval.
  • We will publish information on the dinners and picnics very shortly.

Donations & contributions

If you value Opéra de Baugé, please consider making a gift to help us improve what we do and ensure the survival of our festival. Or, if you do not feel able to make a gift, please consider becoming a member of our association for a subscription of 30 euros per annum.
Our association is not for profit and is managed entirely by unpaid volunteers. We keep our ticket prices low, compared to other opera festivals of our standard, by maintaining a very tight budget. And we have almost no financial support from public entities. 
Most opera festivals rely on ticket sales for less than 50% of their income. But Opéra de Baugé relies on ticket sales for about 75% of its income.
Any gift by a French tax payer is tax-deductible. We will provide you with a receipt enabling you to claim back 66% of the value of your gift. For companies the deduction ist 50%.
We have just created a page on HelloAsso to make it easy for you to donate or subscribe as a member. The link is on the logo:
Please, support this important cultural project and help it flourish. Thank you.

Online reservations are now open

postillon-de-lonjumeauJust click on the button on the right of each page to access our reservation system.

This year we have moved to a new booking system which has a slightly different look and feel compared to the previous one.

For now we are not able to accept online reservations of dinners, picnics, chairs and tables but we will add this functionality as soon as possible. We will also flesh out the English texts in case your browser does not translate French automatically.

If you experience difficulty placing your booking please phone us on +33 (0)6 29 46 03 83 ou +33 (0)2 41 89 75 40 or send us an email.

New ticketing system for 2022

We have decided to change to a new ticketing system this year. The new software will be installed this week and we will then proceed to the entry of parameters – e.g. tariffs, theatre configuration etc. We plan to have the system live, and to be able to accept bookings, by the end of March

Our 2020 opera season

We at Opéra de Baugé wish all of our supporters bonnes fêtes and a happy and healthy 2022.

After two blank years, we are determined to put on our opera festival in 2022. Obviously this depends on health regulations but we believe that the pandemic is receding and that we will be able to operate in a more or less normal way.

Nevertheless we have to proceed cautiously. We have decided to plan the festival in such a way as not to be financially vulnerable if our public does not return in the numbers to which we were accustomed up to 2019.

We have accordingly agreed with the town of Baugé en Anjou that our performances will take place this year in the Centre Culturel René d’Anjou. This spares us the considerable cost of renting a theatre with stage and seating, as well as lighting and other equipment.

We know that some people have a strong preference for performances at Les Capucins as opposed to the CCRA. We ask for your indulgence this year, as we are in a situation where the survival of the festival is uppermost in our minds, and we are counting on your support and patience.

We also know that many people appreciate picnicking or dining at Les Capucins and we intend to provide transport between the CCRA and Les Capucins to enable people to move quickly to Les Capucins for the interval. We will provide further information on this on due course.

The timetable for 2022 is already published on our website – see the link at the top of the page. We will open bookings soon.