La serva padrona & Bastien et Bastienne

23rd and 25th July

Musical director – Junichiro Watahiki

Artistic director – Guido Martin-Brandis


La Serva Padrona

First performed in 1733 at the Teatro San Bartolomeo in Naples by Giovanni Battista PERGOLESI, La Serva Padrona is an intermezzo in two parts featuring a bass played by the character of Uberto, a soprano played by Serpina, Uberto’s servant, and a mute role played by Vespone, also a servant. In this story, Serpina makes Uberto believe that she plans to leave him for a soldier, who in fact turns out to be Vespone in a disguise. This ruse is meant to convince Uberto to marry her, which she successfully does.


Bastien and Bastienne

Bastien and Bastienne is a singspiel created by Mozart in 1768. The shepherdess Bastienne fears that her friend Bastien will abandon her, so she leaves her job in the countryside to join Colas, the village magician. She asks him to use his powers to get her out of this situation, but according to the magician, Bastien is loyal and Bastienne doesn’t need to worry, ignoring him will be enough. When Bastien talks to Colas about his love for Bastienne, Colas makes him believe that the shepherdess is no longer interested in him. Therefore, Bastien wants to get her back, and after a magic spell from Colas, the ignorance from Bastienne, and threats from Bastien, the couple eventually make up.



Laura Curry

Robert Tilson

Christopher Adams

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