La serva padrona & Bastien et Bastienne

23rd and 25th July

Musical director – Junichiro Watahiki
Artistic director – Guido Martin-Brandis

La Serva Padrona

As half of a light-hearted double bill, we present Pergolesi’s popular burlesque. A gentleman doesn’t realise he is in love with his housekeeper. He allows her to bully him but would not contemplate marrying a social inferior although, subconsciously, he yearns to. Once she has tricked him into marrying her, he is happy at last.

Bastien et Bastienne

Bastien et Bastienne is more than juvenilia. The young Mozart crafted his pastoral with astonishing
grace and skill that presage the glories to come. The opera is about magic so we have done what we rarely do; we have transplanted the action from Arcadia to a well-known school for witches and wizards. We are recruiting young people for the chorus of pupils.


Laura Curry

Robert Tilson

Victor Sgarbi

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