Gifts and subscriptions

If you value Opéra de Baugé, please consider making a gift to help us improve what we do and ensure the survival of our festival. Or, if you do not feel able to make a gift, please consider becoming a member of our association for a subscription of 30 euros per annum.
Our association is not for profit and is managed entirely by unpaid volunteers. We keep our ticket prices low, compared to other opera festivals of our standard, by maintaining a very tight budget. And we have almost no financial support from public entities. 
Most opera festivals rely on ticket sales for less than 50% of their income. But Opéra de Baugé relies on ticket sales for about 75% of its income.

For French tax-payers – a gift by a French tax payer is tax-deductible. We will provide you with a receipt enabling you to claim back 66% of the value of your gift. For companies the deduction is 50%.

We have created a page on HelloAsso to make it easy for you to donate or subscribe as a member. The link is here:
For UK tax-payers – the best way to help us financially is to make a GiftAided donation to the UK charity Opera de Bauge (instructions are being upated as at 3 February 2023).
Please, support this important cultural project and help it flourish. Thank you.

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