The Baugé adventure

Arrive early to stroll in the gardens and choose your own picnic spot or have tea in the tearoom.

Proceed to the theatre for the start of the first act at 6 or 7pm (3pm on Sunday 6 August).

At the end of the first act, there is a 90 minute interval when you can dine, either in the restaurant in the orangery or in the garden with a picnic that you have either brought or booked, sitting on the grass or around a table (rented or brought with you) at your convenience. Wine and coffee are available at the bar. Sit by the fountain in the upper lawn, on the lawns of the lower garden, along the ditches and the river Altrée, in the undergrowth, under the willows by the stream, in the clearing by the giant deer statue or in the shade of the white poplars.

A bell will ring to announce the imminent start of the second part.

At the end of the show, linger in the gardens at dusk and admire the starry sky.

Afterwards, why not head into town to the local bar where the evening continues with music, laughter and discussion. The three weeks of the festival are intense and the atmosphere is unforgettable. Everyone who has experienced it wants to do it again next year!

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