Calm reigns at Les Capucins in July 2020

We regret the loss of our 2020 season because of the COVID epidemic but we have used the time to reflect on everything which we do, and to plan to do it better.

We sympathise deeply with the singers, musicians and other theatre specialists who are having a terrible time surviving artistically and financially. Like them, we are very keen to return to a reasonably normal existence and work pattern.

We are planning to put on a festival in July/August 2021. The programme will be the same as that which we intended to put on in 2020, with the addition of two short operas as a double bill:

  • Main operas – La traviata, Faust, The Merry Widow
  • Double bill – La serva padrona and Bastien & Bastienne. We are recruiting children and young singers (aged 6-18) for the second of these so do not hesitate to come forard if you are interested.
  • International conducting competition
  • Concerts and masterclasses

The dates will be almost the same as those scheduled in 2020.The festival will take place at Les Capucins in our usual theatre assuming that our suppliers are able to provide their usual service.

Nevertheless, we cannot commit to putting on the festival until we examine the feasibility in the new year, since there are many areas of potential concern following the epidemic and Brexit.

We are investigating the creation of our own theatre by cutting into the embankment where we put the rented structure. We are at a very early stage, but we have already started a dialogue with the mayor of Baugé. We aim to establish the tehnical feasibility and have a budget in the first two months of 2021. It seems unlikely that we will have a theatre in time for the 2021 season but one never knows.

We are especially grateful this year to our friends who gave financial support to the association. We have low fixed costs but we still face a challenging year on the financial front and we will be delighted to receive further such support.

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