Online payments – CM-CIC p@iement replaces PayPal

We are pleased to announce that we have finally succeeded in replacing Paypal by deploying CM-CIC cm-cic-paiement visuelp@iement from Crédit Mutuel. We have wanted to do this for a long time but we had to solve a number of small IT issues.

With CM-CIC p@iement the page navigation will be simpler and you will no longer be invited to create a PayPal account. And it suits us as PayPal charges are high.

Change of theatre

We have to advise a change which we hope will not cause members of our public great inconvenience. We do not think that it should.

Very recently indeed we have had to change the theatre which we will use this season, because the one we planned to use and which we advertised on this site could not be used as our supplier was unable to provide the security documentation necessary for security clearance by the French authorities.

We had to react very quickly and we have managed to find an alternative theatre with a different, and more traditional seating plan. We are presently reallocating all seats which have been reserved up to now. There is no change as far as dinners, picnics or renting tables and chairs.

Those who came to Opéra de Baugé in 2010 & 2011 know this theatre already. It has over 400 seats all with a good view of the stage, and a fine acoustic. We urge you to discover or rediscover it, and you can see the seating plan HERE.

Ticketing for the 2018 season

You can now order tickets by post. We apologise for the delay in going live with our online system. We are currently coding the new seating plan.

We will keep you updated concerning the launch of the online system.

You can consult the Reservations page using the main menu.


November newsletter

  • Orphée aux Enfers, a satire of the opera productions at the court of Louis XIV

We have just issued our latest newsletter, and the link is shown below:

November 2017 newsletter

New theatre in 2018

new theatreHere is a photo of the theatre which will be erected at Les Capucins for next season. With over 400 seats and without the problems of view from some seats which characterised the old theatre, we think it will please everyone. More detailed information to follow.